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  1. I don't disagree. But he has the might of the US government against him. It's just a pity that he didn't start operating around 2000 and revealed the truth about the gangster Cheney and his puppet Bush.

    5 Answers · News & Events · Jul 11 10:22AM

  2. The reason they weren't charged with espionage is simply because they never really obtained any "secret" information.

    3 Answers · News & Events · Jul 30 10:19AM

  3. ... operating for 20 years and are not accused of espionage . They were picked up by the FBI of the Justice...

    12 Answers · News & Events · Jul 03 10:51AM

  4. .... spies _charged_with_ espionage Court hearings.. and perhaps jail and some may go home also...

    3 Answers · News & Events · Jul 01 09:36AM

  5. ...wonder if the passport was to go to some sort of terrorist? Corporate espionage ? Are you kidding? Do you really believe that is all this...

    6 Answers · News & Events · Jul 20 04:52PM

  6. ...would be hiking even close to Iran. I tend to lean way towards spies , but never rule out that they are brain dead to have done this if they aren...

    7 Answers · News & Events · May 09 05:20PM

  7. ...there's the lunatic fringe over these hikers because they think they're spying on their Nuclear Plants. Oh, Please!

    7 Answers · News & Events · Nov 10 10:36PM

  8. Of course, the Iranian government thinks they are spies . Guess what....Iranians don't care if your a liberal...

    9 Answers · News & Events · Nov 09 09:03PM

  9. You bet I'm tired of this crap, I'm even more tired that nothing will be done to him by the USA.

    9 Answers · News & Events · Oct 23 03:20PM

  10. ...physicist at Los Alamos, whose identity as a spy was not revealed until very late in the ...century. He was never tried for his espionage work, though he seems to have admitted to it...

    13 Answers · News & Events · Oct 21 10:59AM

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